General Contractor

General Contractor in Jacksonville, NC

Experience is key to choosing a general contractor.  Manville Contracting Services of Jacksonville, NC has the knowledge and track record to complete any residential or commercial project you may need.  

Choose a Licensed Professional

Too many times we have had customers in which we were hired to fix their previous contractor's errors.  While this is good for business, it is bad for the client that chose to go with an unlicensed "contractor".  Shade tree contractors are a dime a dozen.  Most of them are just a guy who worked for a construction company for a little while and decides he can do it himself.  When this guy gets in over his head on a project he just pulls up and leaves, many times with the customer's hard earned money!  If they don't have a license, you have no real recourse!  Don't be one of those stories.  Hire a licensed and insured REAL contractor the first time.

Beware of Low Estimates 

We receive calls all the time from clients that we had previously given estimates to who decided to shop around for a better price.  They sometimes show an unlicensed contractor our proposal and he tells them "oh sure, I can beat that price".  Many times they'll get into the job and learn that they can't do the job at that low price.  The unlicensed guy will then typically do one of two things;  He'll give the customer the bad news that they had bid too low and need more money OR they'll take the deposit they accepted from the customer and disappear.  This is a common tale we hear of unsuspecting consumers getting what they paid for.  If the estimate looks too good t be true, it usually is.

At Manville Contracting Services, we always provide a fair estimate for the work we do.  We are not always the cheapest but that is only because our seasoned professionals know all the ins and outs of what a project truly costs.  We never "shoot from the hip" to give a quick quote.  Once we visit a customer and review the scope of work they want done, we work hard to provide them a fair and accurate estimate the customer can feel confident with.

Contact us today for all your General Contractor needs.  We proudly serve Jacksonville, NC and surrounding areas.